We’ve all heard and read numerous lists and reasons to get regular physical activity. The benefits are too numerous for just one chart!       ______________________________ So, why are we such an unhealthy population? 74% of men are considered overweight or obese! That’s me! I’m about in the middle of the obese category. I […]


Real Life

   I wrote this tonight and seriously thought I should just delete it. No one wants to read about anyone else’s sad, pitiful life. But, if I’m going to be talking about health and wellness, I can’t ignore mental health. Mental illness. I know it’s uncomfortable to talk about, but it’s a reality to so […]

Be Your Best You!

   This says it all! This is our goal, to be the best version of us we can be. That’s why #TeamHealthyBalance exists… We want, no we need, to get healthy. And we want to invite you to join us along for the ride! So many of you have been supporting of us throughout the […]

Hey y’all 

Hi. Just wanted to share a few things with you…        So, top left is me finishing my #halfmarathon !!!! Bottom left is my dorky #ijustfinishedahalfmarathon face. On the right we have my #ANGRY face because my #apple #iphone shut off half way through ( and I had plenty of battery left!) I’m so […]


   There’s been a pretty serious turn of events in our lives! I can’t wait to share with you all this new and exciting and scary and invigorating adventure we have entered into! So, stay tuned! There’s more to come!!! 😊😳😜😉😋😛😀😃

It Is Well…

   How many times do people in churches all over America sing the words to this popular hymn and not really know what it means. The author of this hymn suffered extreme loss, yet in the midst of all this grief and pain, he penned these words… When things go wrong in our lives, do […]

It’s Good To Be Alive 

   I’ve got it on my calendar… Do you? Not sure what #celebratelifeday is all about??? Here’s the story… Six years ago our lives were forever changed when Mark was the victim of a robbery at work by an armed gunman. Mark has been living these last six years with PTSD, severe depression, and anxiety. […]