What doesn’t kill me…..

I think we have all heard the expression… “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”… And some go on and say… I’m strong enough to lift a car( a real one not a hybrid!) Anyway… With med changes in place to help with sleep. Bedtime routine kept the same. No tv/ ipod/ computers/ movies… When […]

Regression is discouraging….

Last year at this time I was in multiple meetings weekly to try to get Isaac to school. Last school year he attended 9 days between the first day of school and mid/ late November…. At that time we reintroduced Wesley School and then in January is was apparent that he needed Wesley school full […]

A week that required much prayer

It seems like as soon as I shared about how well Isaac was doing things got rough… Isaac has struggled with waking up and getting ready and getting to the bus on time over the past few weeks. This week he struggles with sleeping well. And had meltdowns daily- demanding to go to the library. […]