Ways To Help a Special Needs Family

Ways To Help a Special Needs Family   1~ Babysit / provide funds for a few sitters / work in a team to babysit   2~ Bring food/ meal gift cards/ order and have it delivered ( but let the adults know ahead of time)   3~ Offer to help clean ( then actually do […]

Team Healthy Balance 

Hello all! Just wanted to let you all know about an exciting journey that we started about a month ago.  You may remember when Kathleen received her certification as a holistic health coach. Since then, due to many factors, she hasn’t been able to see clients and really get a start on things. Combine Kathleen’s […]


This is one of those topics that I’ve been trying not to write about when discussing my PTSD. It’s a feeling that I don’t like. Guilt is something I struggle with greatly. There are two types of guilt that I’ve found myself, and others with PTSD, have found to be literally debilitating.  The first, and […]


  This has been a topic of discussion between Kathleen and I a lot recently… Friends are hard to come by for both of us…  Seems we have “internet friends”, which is cool and we appreciate you all so much, but you can’t hug an Internet friend, or call them up and just chat, or go […]