Full moon….

Any autism families excited about the full moon? Oh the past 4 days have been full of off the charts meltdowns.Instead of taking pictures of God’s beautiful display outside I was trying to maneuver everyone to keep them safe from themselves, and safe from each other, and I tried to keep the house safe too…  […]


   Don’t want to sleep  Cause in my sleep the nightmares creep Don’t want to sleep Cause in my sleep the pain’s too deep Don’t want to sleep Cause what I see only makes me weep Don’t want to sleep  Cause in my sleep I can’t find the comfort I seek Don’t want to sleep  […]

What Does It Feel Like?

   What does PTSD feel like? I was asked this the other day. I’ll try to use words to describe it, but in truth it’s beyond description. I’ll do my best. PTSD feels like… Anger Stress Confusion Depression  Loneliness  Foggy Scrambled  Rage Guilt Shame Worthless  Fear Paranoid Pain Shaking Drowning  Suffocating  Overwhelmed  Buried  Trampled Ignored […]

In Case You Didn’t Know 

Many have heard of PTSD. Many believe it is only something experienced by those in the military. And while many from the military do suffer from PTSD, it is not exclusive to the military. So, while you think you may know about it, here is some info from the Mayo Clinic…. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) […]

“How was your summer”?

As we began back to school activities over the past few weeks I was faced with the difficult task of knowing how to respond to this question…. Let me share why… Uh oh- will this be a list?! 1) 3 years ago Mark was hospitalized several times trying to get help for his severe depression […]