God sightings

The past few weeks had some weird ups and downs. Isaac had some issues with his feet as a result of rubbing from the AFO’s. We took a trip to Grand Rapids and Isaac did great on the drive and while waiting there while his AFO’s were adjusted and tweaked.

So far, so good! It was also suggested that find some good moisture wicking socks that come in crew length. Anyone have any favorites? He normally wears Hanes brand and the new ones in store state they wick moisture but obviously for him, not well enough.

Then we finally had to admit that our oven died! It was well loved when it was given to us. We were able to find a way to get a new one. The used ones we saw were either not tested to know if they worked… And we couldn’t throw money away. OR we saw some used ones for the price of a new one… Again, we couldn’t justify that. We found one not the lowest price but the next lowest! It took effort, patience, and prayer. In the process… We had to turn the main gas line off and the pilot light on the water heater went out. So Thursday morning we figured that out ! Oops:) and Mark and I tag teamed getting that done, it is mostly just tricky due to blocking the light making it hard to see to light the pilot light!

Then… We got a call. And we found out that someone had bought us a gas range… We don’t know who. But while we were extremely thankful, we wished we had known. So, if you did that, and are reading this. Thank you does not express enough how encouraging the gesture was to us!

We saw God meet needs. We worked together to make meals work while we didn’t have an oven. I so appreciated Mark’s help when I was frazzled! The new oven preheats so quickly! We were waiting at least 30 minutes for a long time for the old oven to heat up. Then I guess I didn’t realize how slow the burners were until I boiled water tonight! Amazing!! So very thankful for God’s direction and provision. We still have needs but this is yet another reminder of how God always meets our needs. IN HIS TIME!!!

We continue to have lots on our hearts and ask you to faithfully lift us up before Jesus.

A couple of pictures to show who got to use the oven first!!!

And- what good is buying a large appliance without playing in the box?!

In the midst of so much stuff, I am reminded often of God’s provision… Food, clothing, clean water, heat in the winter, a vehicle, a home, and so so much more. I was reminded through my time in God’s Word this week that my self doubt and my second guessing myself is Satan. It has not been an easy thing to take stuff to God and let it go. Why?? Because I like to fix things. I remember an illustration from my college days. The idea was to write your burden/ struggle on a rock, and throw that rock into the pond at Cornerstone… There was so much duck muck all over that once thrown in, you would never find it again. Meaning, I throw my burden at Jesus feet and I cannot take it back… God wants to help me. He desires to walk with me, carry me.

I have more to share but not ready to yet… Thankful for faithful prayer warriors who often bring my family before Jesus. Thankful that we have a real HOPE. Our hope is in HIM.

Thanks for reading. To those who ask how we are and stay around for the answer… Thank you!


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