Hello all….

Hello all. Just wanted to give you a little update and confirm that, yes, I am still alive and kicking!!! I’ve taken somewhat of a sabbatical from social media and email for the month of August. It’s really stressful around here anyway during the kids summer break, but it’s also a very difficult month for […]

Change yet still the same…

i’m not sure how to share this delicately. With respect to my amazing son. But I realize I am not the only parent facing this.  Tonight while Mark and I were attempting a minute or two of actual face to face conversation Isaac ran off to the bathroom…. Normally he can handle things for a […]

The daily vent? 

A teen child of mine just came to me– i was going to take a shower but there is wads of toilet paper in the shower–My response: clean it up then shower- no biggie. Their response: I’m not the mom and you’re lazy. Me: no, i’m not lazy. I’m teaching you responsibility. And doors slammed […]

The Future 

   I’ll let you in on something that’s been on my heart lately… We have until October to decide if we are going to continue Run For Isaac and Friends (R4IAF)…. Running a successful nonprofit takes selfless leadership, support from family and friends, willing volunteers, a faithful board of directors, and unfortunately money. Well, we’ve […]