God sightings

The past few weeks had some weird ups and downs. Isaac had some issues with his feet as a result of rubbing from the AFO’s. We took a trip to Grand Rapids and Isaac did great on the drive and while waiting there while his AFO’s were adjusted and tweaked. So far, so good! It […]


Last Saturday I got a call from our pharmacy… Our insurance was in a contract debate and they could not process our prescriptions. I panicked! She told me the only place that was accepting the insurance was Meijer. We had left Meijer a long time ago because of prices for out of pocket meds, plus […]

Nine Years

So, it’s been nine years since the robbery that sent me on a downward spiral of PTSD and everything that goes with it. Some times I can’t believe it’s been that long. It feels like it was maybe a few months ago. Other times it feels like a lifetime ago. I forget things like people’s […]

He’s got skills!!

Ok, so this has happened off and on over this past summer… Isaac will ask for “clippers”, when asked what kind, he normally says “for my fingers”! The other night he appeared to be resting quietly in his room, no screaming or wall kicking… All of the sudden Isaac burst into our room, came over […]

Getting back in step

So the kids just finished their second week back to school… 1 in college, sophomore year. 2 in high school ( well age wise 3… It is tricky to place Isaac at a grade level) 1 in middle school And 2 in elementary! Several struggle without a routine and need the consistentcy, and I cannot […]

Isaac’s camp week!

Isaac has been home from camp for 1 week now, and we are already looking ahead to next year! Next year he will be in a different program. I enjoy the pictures from over the years. Isaac knew when camp was and was counting down to his week at camp!! Isaac has a one on […]


Hello there!!! Wait, did you think I said UFO? Nope, not about UFO’s! This is an update on Isaac and his Ankle Foot Orthotics!! Isaac and I took a trip to Grand Rapids today, ( one of my 3 trips to GR this month) to pick up his AFO’s. On the ride there, I quickly […]