Message In A Bottle 

As many of you who regularly tune into our blog know, I’m a huge fan of music! All kinds and genres. (Ok, almost all…) Anyway, some of you probably remember a guy named Sting. Haven’t heard much from him lately. In the 80’s he fronted a band called The Police. One of their most popular […]

Every Thing I Need

Every Thing I NeedIt’s three in the morning and I can’t sleepI look at you asleep so peaceful I can feel your breath upon my skinThank God for you, I’m grateful  Spend all day with the weight of the world on your shouldersI try my best not to wake youIt’s been a long day and I […]


I am finding myself in need of some assistance from you beautiful people… What I need is a topic, or story, or quote that I can use in my next song… I love doing parodies too, if you haven’t noticed, so you can also suggest a song to re-write…. as long as I’m somewhat familiar […]

Just When You think….

Ahhhhhh, just when you think a day couldn’t get any worse…. BOOM!  Some of you know, I have PTSD. While I’ve shared some pieces of that story, I haven’t gone into too much detail… If you really want to know, email me …. Anyway, I’ll just say it involved a gun being aimed in […]