Maybe it’s the moon?

This week has been rough. Numerous calls or emails from schools about various kids ( just my kids to clarify😊) Then last night Isaac was wide awake until after midnight. And was up by 6….so I was starting today on the wrong foot. Isaac was showing signs that he thought he was going to church. […]

Meetings galore

Hi, I was home very little today- for a “stay at home mom” I have been having this issue more and more! So what am I doing?!  Some weeks I have to go to Isaac’s school and help with him. Other times I have help Jonathan with some stuff at his school. Sometimes I have […]

So This Is 40…

So This Is 40… I waited a week after my 40th birthday to write this just so I’d have a clear understanding of just how different life is after 40.  I purposely didn’t say anything on Facebook about my birthday to avoid measuring my worth by how many happy birthday messages I got. I didn’t […]

Taking time for me

​Taking time for “me” is often a difficult thing for me to do. I push myself day in and day out doing all for everyone in my home. Sometimes I can get through days and days on limited sleep. Other times, my body pushes for extra. Because it needs it. I have so many things […]