Not even close to the miles I wanted, or needed to get in for the month… Seems like so many things just got in the way … (See post titled Best Laid Plans)…. Whether it was not feeling well, injury, our crazy schedule, or unexpected trips to the ER, I just didn’t get out […]

Poor People Problems 

   No wonder we can’t get any help for our daughter…. I guess only rich kids can get #mentalhealth help… Poor kids just get into trouble with the law or end up attempting #suicide before they get “help” (aka juvie) #FrustratedParents #JustWantHelpForOurGirl #MentalHealthSystemIsBackwards #PreventNotReact 😡😡😡

Meltdowns — 

the day started off ok…. Some giggling… Offering mom chocolate from his t-shirt, everything  was going all fine and dandy… Then momma took Isaac to the library. There were several small family groups of little kids. Maybe a light was flickering and I didn’t notice… Maybe somebody smelled different/ strong to him. Maybe the noise […]

Best Laid Plans

I don’t typically make New Years resolutions…. “Ooooookkkkkkk, what does that have to do with anything at the end of June?” I hear you asking. Well, I was just thinking tonight about how New Years resolutions are really just plans. They are things that you plan TO or NOT TO do in the next year. […]


This is one of those topics that I’ve been trying not to write about when discussing my PTSD. It’s a feeling that I don’t like. Guilt is something I struggle with greatly. There are two types of guilt that I’ve found myself, and others with PTSD, have found to be literally debilitating.  The first, and […]


So, it’s Wednesday and I am home with 6 of 7 kids. Lucas is with Kathleen’s brother and his family for the week. Their church is doing a worship arts camp… Kathleen went to stay with her friend, who is in town for a short visit. We hadn’t seen her in…. oh, probably 12 years??? […]

A Friend In Need

I have mentioned this video before. It’s from a kids series created by author Max Lucado. It’s a great to teach kids (and adults) the true meaning of being a friend. This is important to remember when interacting with special needs kids. We need to teach our children that ALL kids (and adults) need friends! […]