Missing “family”….

Struggling tonight- i wish we could watch a movie , play a game, eat a meal…. Do anything as a family without all the chaos, screaming, hurtful words and drama….Sad watching one kid miss out because someone else is struggling…  As a parent- I’m tired of being so incredibly exhausted that normal daily life is […]


So, I received this email yesterday…. Not really sure what to make of it… Not sure who it’s from. The sending email address just said A Friend…. Why would someone not let me know who they are if they care enough to send this….  “It makes me sad to read your words and see you […]


  This has been a topic of discussion between Kathleen and I a lot recently… Friends are hard to come by for both of us…  Seems we have “internet friends”, which is cool and we appreciate you all so much, but you can’t hug an Internet friend, or call them up and just chat, or go […]

I Feel…

This is the text I sent Kathleen today…  “I didn’t run good today… Too much in my head. I feel guilty that I’m out there running and you never get the time to take care of yourself cause you don’t feel you can leave me with the kids. I feel incredible doubt that I can […]