Med reviews and meltdowns

Today was a crazy day! Dropped Madi off at 9 for weekend camp with Health West. Same time I had a med review for Isaac. I found out Tuesday when I made the appt that it would be with a new Dr. I was not happy about that. But figured I’d go in bold like […]

Ways To Help a Special Needs Family

Ways To Help a Special Needs Family   1~ Babysit / provide funds for a few sitters / work in a team to babysit   2~ Bring food/ meal gift cards/ order and have it delivered ( but let the adults know ahead of time)   3~ Offer to help clean ( then actually do […]


My heart- my why.

The best laid plans…. I sat Sunday evening- planning out ‘my time’ and my schedule involving the kids. Then today came… And my day seemingly got thrown out the window! I had to drive Isaac to school. Again. He was refused bussing on Friday…I was told today that he kicked a bus aid and an […]