Last Saturday I got a call from our pharmacy… Our insurance was in a contract debate and they could not process our prescriptions. I panicked! She told me the only place that was accepting the insurance was Meijer. We had left Meijer a long time ago because of prices for out of pocket meds, plus how long it takes to get meds filled, and the lines to pick up. Plus for our family size, it gets confusing and I prefer to have a smaller pharmacy helping me out.
Today, I got a personal call from the Pharmacist at our local Hometown Pharmacy, by Tuesday morning we should be able to return our meds and our business to our small, personable pharmacy 🙂 I totally did a happy dance!! But the thing that me smile the biggest was… She called me personally and first. My family is important to them. They have helped me with so much!!! It may not be a big deal but it was HUGE for my family!!!!

This week has had some stressful bumps with regards to bussing. In the past I have shared frustrations about Isaac being safe ON the bus. He is definitely in a good spot right now. He is able to walk to his bus with me near by, I greet bus driver and Isaac gets on, hangs up his backpack and goes and sits down on his seat, the bus aid buckles him in. But routinely when I leave I hear happy noises! This is from the same kid that was suspended from the bus (understandably) for being aggressive. This is the kid from way back that I used to pick up and put on the bus…

So if all that is going well, what is the problem. Well, it takes more than 2 seconds to load/unload a student (a special needs student) some people seem to be way too impatient. For the most part, we have understanding neighbors, some have observed when the bus goes and they, on their own changed their personal departure time. That area is super busy for about 15-20 minutes every morning at that time. I have a neighbor that has seen me get honked at, yelled at and other loveliness. And she has been positive and encouraging. I know others that know us, driving by they have seen stuff. Over the past several years as we faced many struggles with Isaac, including me having to get on the bus to buckle him in or unbuckle him… They changed the stop from a typical red flashers stop to a full – pull the bus off the road hazard stop. ( 4 ways – but main road traffic continues while we get him on safely. However I have one neighbor that has complained, yelled at Isaac’s amazing bus driver. Well actually both of the adults in the home have yelled at the bus driver 😦 they have complained to bussing.

Initially this week upon the new/latest complaint and bussing telling me how we needed to make a change, again, to accommodate someone else…. It really upset me, frustrated me. I got defensive. Keeping Isaac safe is always a huge priority.

I was upset, self protective and defensive… Took a step back, prayed about how to handle things… I considered a thank you note to a few neighbors who are super kind and gracious and patient. Still not sure how I want to handle that but it struck me that instead of being defensive I should pray for my neighbors. I am embarrassed to share how long it took for the idea to pray for my neighbors and that they likely do not know Jesus and that (as well as Isaac’s safety) should be a priority.

There are many things that can be changed by prayer, my attitude and my perspective. My lengthy post can be summed up in my eyes as… I am not in control– God is. I was considering another area of my life where God was waiting for me to release control over to Him, to trust him with this one particular situation. But I am repeatedly reminded that God wants all of me. Not just the easy parts…

~ one tired momma

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