A day of meltdowns

Wow…. Not sure if I want to repeat today and hope the second time around is better or just try again tomorrow?!!! Meltdowns anyone???? Isaac has not been sleeping well. And on the rare chance that he does… I am wide awake until odd hours of the night so used to being up. So i […]

How I really feel…..

The reality is that consistent sleep deprivation builds up… I try to keep taking that next step, i KNOW i need to take care of myself but there doesn’t seem to be support for that to happen…. And today I kinda crashed. And dumped everything on Mark. Which in turn was way too much for […]

Weekly recap

I am thankful that I was able to allow 2 kids to go to Unity 2 different nights each! ( they were both there last night!) Thankful for friends stepping up to provide a ride, or a meal, or friendship. I think as I look back on the past week, a few things stand out […]