Not All Wounds Are Visible 

You see me walking by And I look just fine, but Not all wounds are visible  You think you know me And what I’m going through, but Not all wounds are visible  You may see me smile Maybe even laugh, but Not all wounds are visible  You catch me on a good day And think […]


Off routine

Hi, While all of you are planning for a fun filled time of gorging yourselves at a family gathering later this week… I am all prepared to face multiple days of off routine life, many of which I will need to juggle kids and cooking and well- everything.( you know- MY normal!) There is no […]

Where we are right now.

​Isaac had a med review today. Routinely, I go in and request something or have a specific behavior to target and see what we can do…. However today I felt like I went in and said  I wish you could just fix this problem.  Over the past few weeks, months Isaac has continued to grow. […]

Running low

The past several weeks have been really difficult…. Isaac has hit a rather aggressive spot. I struggle with the reality of long term care for him…. He is nearly 6′ and over 220#. He’s like a bull in a china shop:) 2 times in the past 2 weeks the bussing staff has called the police […]