He’s got skills!!

Ok, so this has happened off and on over this past summer… Isaac will ask for “clippers”, when asked what kind, he normally says “for my fingers”! The other night he appeared to be resting quietly in his room, no screaming or wall kicking… All of the sudden Isaac burst into our room, came over to my nightstand and just pointed… When he points it is not a straight finger point, he kind of makes his finger “flash”… Not good at explaining it but he went from no pointing years ago to this. 🙂

Anyway, Just now I caught Isaac appropriately using the nail clippers. He is unable to do his own toe nails but…. He can occasionally do his fingers!!!

I know this may not be cause for most to get this excited… I mean, our 8 year old can clip his own finger and toe nails. But I am so excited that Isaac, my 16year old, can use nail clippers correctly!!!!

My momma heart is bursting! It is moments like this that I grab my phone to take a picture, then I want to call my mom and tell her. She always rejoiced with me at the tiniest things! I am pretty sure she would tearful with joy over this, like I am!!!

Go Isaac!!!

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