Real Life

I wrote this tonight and seriously thought I should just delete it. No one wants to read about anyone else’s sad, pitiful life. But, if I’m going to be talking about health and wellness, I can’t ignore mental health. Mental illness. I know it’s uncomfortable to talk about, but it’s a reality to so many people suffering in silence. Too many people think things like this, or write things like this and just delete it….. Do you know how difficult it is to have your whole world turned upside down all within a five minute timeframe? It sucks. I feel like I’ve fallen down a well with no bottom. I just keep falling deeper and deeper into the dark unknown. As angry as I get that people have told me to “just get over it”, I think the truth is I’m angry at myself for not being able to get over it. I feel like I’m less of a person. Less of a man. Some days it hurts so bad that I hide in the bathroom so no one can see me crying. My head hurts so bad from spinning and overthinking and replaying things that happened years ago. It took five stupid minutes to turn my life upside down. And it sucks.

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