Hello Again 

Feeling like forever since I’ve blogged anything… Been working feverishly on a project for our nonprofit! We are gathering as many pictures of people holding signs and paper with the words: It’s All About HOPE!!!  We’d love for you to help! If you have Instagram or Twitter, just tag us in a picture @r4iaf …. […]

Project (Part 2)

Hi! Got an idea, but I’m gonna need your help!!!! I need you all to send us a picture of you holding a piece of paper with the words It’s All About HOPE!!! … It can be printed on computer, drawn with crayons, in English, German, French…. Whatever other way you want to say it… […]

Faster And Louder

So, you ever feel like your life is stuck in a Kenny G song? It’s nice and melodic. It just kinda floats along… Next thing you know, you’ve been going with the flow so long you don’t even know where it’s taking you. We can get sucked into a so-so, hum-drum life and we forget […]

Hey world,

so this morning I read an article about church. I didn’t research the author, or his qualifications to write such an article… I was hit by several quotes. In fact we have left a few churches because we expressed our need and we were turned away… Mark and I have grown up in the church. […]

In My Heart

* wrote this back in 2010… No, it’s not autobiographical or about anyone in particular… Enjoy. 😊 In My Heart I can’t cry hard enoughTo wash away the painThe tears flow like waterfallsThey can’t fill my heart againI’m holding onto memoriesI’ve kept here of you and meMiss you more than anythingAnd dream of all that we […]