Guard Your Heart 

   I’ve always believed this verse to be saying to guard what you let come into your heart…to be weary of people and things that may hurt you. Yet, if you read the entire verse, it seems like it’s saying to guard what comes out of your heart, so that the thing you do and […]


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To Post, Or Not To Post

wrote a little something today. Wrote it out of a sense of frustration and discouragement. Not sure if I should post it or not. It’s not that I feel what I wrote was wrong in any way. It’s just kinda harsh and I know some people will read it and automatically think I was referring […]


   Saw this on Instagram and had to borrow it! This just really made sense to me…. Is someone really your friend if you are the one reaching out? You are the one calling or texting or emailing? You are the one making the effort to get in contact with them. And all they do […]

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I was recently discussing with a friend what it’s like to go to a Major League Baseball game. It was kind of a reminiscing about days gone by. I’ve got baseball in my blood. My father was a great baseball player in high school. He even was scouted by some Major League teams.  I was […]

Race Review 

Well, it’s been a few days now since my race. And since so many people have been asking about it…. Oh wait, only one person asked about it! Haha…  Well, just in case anyone was curious, but hadn’t gotten the chance to ask, I’ll write a little bit about my day…. I woke up Sunday […]

Rescue Me

Rescue Me Rescue me Rescue me I am here waiting The sky feels like it’s falling Rescue me Rescue me I know you’ve always loved me And your eyes are always on me See me reaching for a hand to hold me Your arms are strong enough to carry When I can’t stand on my […]