Normal is overrated!

I will attempt to make the last few weeks interesting and informative. Some care to pray, others care to know so they can step up. I have been told that I share too honestly about my life… And in doing so I turn people off. With what we do in a day… I don’t have […]

Little Girl

Little Girl She’s all of nineteen But she’s lived a full life Had her heart broken And a world full of strife Left with broken bones She’s been pushed to the edge Facing each day With her last drop of courage She screams out for help But will anyone hear? Doesn’t wanna leave But she […]


Fear Fear of failure Fear of success To succeed only leads To a life of excess Fear of rejection Fear of fitting in If I reject you first Does it mean that I win Fear of loneliness Fear of the crowd There’s too many people The roar’s too loud Fear of the future Fear of […]