Sleep deprivation…. A saga

​Isaac has been up since 5:30. My issue with that is the incessant giggling…. The hyper dramatics ( falling off the love seat in a fit of giggles)….. Yeah, sounds silly of me to complain doesn’t it? However, when you are perpetually, daily, consistently,severely sleep deprived it affects every aspect of your life.  I remember […]

This Christmas

Wow.  I am simply stunned. Over the past 8-12 weeks a friend has been planning some amazing things for my family. They met needs, offered gift cards to enable us day time dates! They asked what things the kids needed. This year for Christmas our family was adopted. Shoes, boots, snow pants, socks, games, sensory […]

Heart breaking news

Today I got a letter in the mail that took me to a very sad state of mind. Even though Isaac has not been to respite since March ( He was suspended in April for aggressive behaviors), I held on to HOPE that Isaac would still be able to return to Smith Respite. Today I […]

Grief surfaces again

So very bittersweet…. Parent teacher conferences. They were way more fun when we homeschooled! I could just talk to myself;) I am grateful for the teachers and staff I met with today regarding our youngest 2. Jonathan is loving 1st grade. He is doing well. We continue to deal with his bowel issues but things […]

Gifts of love

Last Saturday a BRAND new dish washer was given to us!!!! Due to our lack of mechanical ability it took until today to get it wired and plumbed! Last I knew, it was already on it’s 3rd full run today:) so so thankful for a huge gift. It was never high on our “we need […]