Overbooked and underslept!( is that a word?)

The past few days and weird have been incredibly busy! This week I had 2 hours that I skipped housework and life to take a nap. The rest of the time I feel like is on overdrive! 

We did get through break… We chose to stay home.and avoid family gatherings because they are simply to stressful and overwhelming for many in our home. Trying to explain that and not hurt those you love in not a task for the faint of heart…

I cooked a full spread , mostly the food was given to us… A bag of potatoes, a turkey, stuffing, veggies, sweet potatoes. Oddly enough the kids favorite dish was: canned peached, canned pears, canned oranges and sliced bananas…. It is kind of funny… Some kids do not like pears ( uncle Ken!) And some don’t like peaches– where did we get these kids?!?!!! So they trade!!!! 

And Jonathan was willing to trade anything for bananas:) 

We spent last Thursday through Sunday kind of laying low but still trying to carve out memories, memories worth remembering.

Sunday however kind of knocked us for a loop. Isaac has been battling a sinus issue for over a month.Sunday he had a very high fever…. 3 weeks ago we took him to urgent care for a sinus infection. Poor guy doesn’t understand how to blow his nose:( we did a 5 day pack of antibiotics. Helped slightly. But almost came raging back stronger than before. Since he is allergoc to amoxicillan it is a tricky game to figure out what he can have or what ‘might’ make everything worse 😦 plus antibiotics really really mess with his gut health, mood, behaviors.

But we had to do something. We saw our family doctor this past Monday. Isaac had a lower grade fever at that time. 

So long as he was eating, drinking and doing ok- we let the fever do it’s job and watch him closely. He eagerly returned to School Wednesday. Thursday we had a previously scheduled allergy doctor appt. I was really pleased this was on the calendar because I feel heard by the one doctor in particular. And Isaac is respected by them all. I just felt going in we were going to make some changes in hopes of helping our boy and we did.

Small tweaks. Also a referral to a new ENT in Grand Rapids at DeVos. I think my biggest concern is Isaac has trouble breathing, not chest congestion but in the head area. And he always seems congested. He tends to gag easily. Regardless of supervising his eating so he doesn’t overstuff his mouth, he can gag with a minimal amount when he is this congested.

I am wondering if there is a structual issue that prevents correvt drainage. I wanted to take Isaac to our chiropractor but due to juggling a multitude of other appointments and refusing to take him while he had a severely elevated fever… I didn’t get him in 😦

We have juggled not only Isaac being not himself, but others who haven’t been feeling well either. Madi had a lengthy appointment this week to help with her respiratory issues and she too is on a round of antibiotics. And her seemingly annual steroids for breathing. 😦 she has been able to rest and maintain school. She has been doing really well maintaining herself in school. That can be tough as as a Freshman.
Today our little two ( who sadly are not so little anymore) had a half day. With limited assistance Will made raman noodles for himself and Jonathan. Then we ran errands and they did so well. Library, gas station for popcorn bucket refills, the store. The boys responded to redirection in the grocery store and over all followed directions and I was blown away to see them away from the whole group to see them be big kids. Made me not feel like a total failure!!!

This week I have had many glimpses of Jesus carrying me as walk this path. A check that comes in the mail– just as I need to out gas in the van to take kids to the doctor… I had money in my purse ( rarely have cash) and it walked away… Did you know we have a child who regularly steals? 😦 

And we had frozen meals to pull and use while I just couldn’t juggle it all.  We had a plugged toilet for over 3 months…. It was fixed for us! I am so incredibly thankful for little blessings that add up to an amazing hug from my heavenly Father.

In the midst of my chaotic,crazy life…. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God is good. All the time, God is good!!! 
Isaac is healing, we have other options to check and see how we can best help him long term. 

Madi is taking her meds and hopefully will be feeling much better very soon!!!

Praising God in the storm sure looks different than I expected it to…. 
~one tired momma

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