Gifts of love

Last Saturday a BRAND new dish washer was given to us!!!! Due to our lack of mechanical ability it took until today to get it wired and plumbed! Last I knew, it was already on it’s 3rd full run today:) so so thankful for a huge gift. It was never high on our “we need this” list because all else fails do them by hand. But this will be a huge time saver, a huge back saver! Plus there will always be a few things that are not dishwasher safe so the kids can still learn to wash by hand!

Thank you!!!!!
Today while my brother was here installing the dishwasher, the mail came…. And a HUGE box from amazon. Mark asked me what I ordered… I said nothing, oh wait- something small and I don’t think I am getting it until January…. So I had NO clue what was in this box.

I cut the box opened and pulled back the flaps to reveal a brand new vacuum!!!! I about fell over!! Ours has been way past it’s dying breath for months. Will completely put the vacuum together. Then insisted that he make sure it sucked! He proudly vacuumrd the whole dining room… While Isaac sat in the huge amaxon box in the living room– with his ears covered. (A typical Isaac quote here is him screaming– Make it stop!)

So that was such a big exciting thing for me. I know it sounds silly but those 2 things will help me do my jobs more efficiently!!! 

My brother also replaced an outlet that everytime I plugged something in the plugs would fall right out- very loose. And we couldn’t find the individual circuit so Mark shut the power off to the whole house. Again– during that time Isaac sat in that big Amazon box and sang me songs since his wifi was off. We got through that!!
About lunch 3 workers showed up for Isaac and William. So that made our 9, Drew’s 4, plus 3 workers…. 16 people in my home was rather stressful for several of my crew. Mark left with 2 boys for church Christmas program practice. Then Isaac had a rocky spell…. Seemingly out of the blue. Throwing things, kicking the walls, kicking me. He did pull himself together and was able to calm down. His worker later consulted with me about what I thought prompted the meltdown. Nothing. I had no idea. Stressful as that is unpredictable, but I almost prefer moments where you know for sure what brought it all on… A demand placed on him, not getting his way… And so on. But the hardest moments are when you see them struggling and and you don’t know how to help because you don’t know what is upsetting them.

Prior to Mark leaving Will flipped out on the crowd and ran to his room. Refused to come.down because he said ” too many people”, ” too much noise”.

While grateful he could express himself, it is frustrating to not be able to help him. Thankfully he was able to calm down anf the worker kept her sense of humor and was very sensitive to his needs.

So here I sit…. Exhausted from a stressful week. Yet feeling full because God used several people to meet big needs. 

Mark and I also took on a project while Isaac lay contentedly in our bed watching the kindle. I had Aidan hang with Isaac while Mark and I lugged out the beat up loveseat from our room. Isaac had wet on it and the center support post was busted because of that and the way his plops when he sits.

We had another love seat in the living room that had been given to us a few months back…. We lugged one down and managed to get the newer one lugged up. Sigh. Workout for the day:) after wrangling Isaac during a meltdown and then the loveseat moving…. My body says- DO NOT do anything else today! 
So like I said, I sit here feeling blessed and accomplished. I am so thankful to see God in the small things, in the everyday things!!
Blessings to you!!



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