Ways To Help a Special Needs Family

Ways To Help a Special Needs Family   1~ Babysit / provide funds for a few sitters / work in a team to babysit   2~ Bring food/ meal gift cards/ order and have it delivered ( but let the adults know ahead of time)   3~ Offer to help clean ( then actually do […]

Faster And Louder

So, you ever feel like your life is stuck in a Kenny G song? It’s nice and melodic. It just kinda floats along… Next thing you know, you’ve been going with the flow so long you don’t even know where it’s taking you. We can get sucked into a so-so, hum-drum life and we forget […]

Ready To Live

Ready To Live When you’re not afraid to die It’s then that you’re ready to live. When you’re prepared to see the other side You can accept what this life has to give And I don’t know about you But me, I’m ready to live I know who holds the future And I, I’m ready […]