Ways To Help a Special Needs Family

Ways To Help a Special Needs Family   1~ Babysit / provide funds for a few sitters / work in a team to babysit   2~ Bring food/ meal gift cards/ order and have it delivered ( but let the adults know ahead of time)   3~ Offer to help clean ( then actually do […]


  This has been a topic of discussion between Kathleen and I a lot recently… Friends are hard to come by for both of us…  Seems we have “internet friends”, which is cool and we appreciate you all so much, but you can’t hug an Internet friend, or call them up and just chat, or go […]

For My Friends 

I’ve had people who I thought were friends Then one day the friendship endsI’ve had some who say they’ll never goNot long after that they just didn’t show I’ve met people who I’ve never metWho live so many miles away and yetThey’ve been so loyal, so kind, and so trueAlways there to help me through  I’ve […]

Real Friends

I sometimes find it so interesting that the people I feel closest to, besides my family, are most often people who live the farthest away. In fact, one friend in particular we’ve never even met other than via facebook . Yet, she’s usually the first one to send us a funny story or a helpful […]