Ways To Help a Special Needs Family

Ways To Help a Special Needs Family   1~ Babysit / provide funds for a few sitters / work in a team to babysit   2~ Bring food/ meal gift cards/ order and have it delivered ( but let the adults know ahead of time)   3~ Offer to help clean ( then actually do […]

Team Healthy Balance 

Hello all! Just wanted to let you all know about an exciting journey that we started about a month ago.  You may remember when Kathleen received her certification as a holistic health coach. Since then, due to many factors, she hasn’t been able to see clients and really get a start on things. Combine Kathleen’s […]

Sweet William 

Sweet William Sweet little boy with the big blue eyesStole my heart the first day he criedTwo hugs and a kiss each night before bedWon’t go to sleep till “I love you” is said Sweet little boy makes me so proud With a grin so big you stand out in a crowdStanding alone you act so shyWith […]

Why So Blue?

Hello there you beautiful people! How are we all doing this fine April 2nd? If you haven’t heard, today is World Autism Awareness Day!!! WooHoo! You’ll have to excuse me if I’m less than bouncing off the walls today. To say I’ve grown a little synical is the understatement of the century. Let me explain… […]

Autism Awareness 

In honor of Autism Awareness Month (which, as you know if you have kids on the spectrum, is EVERY month)… A reposting of a parody for my sweet boys with autism….Spectrum Boy (Sung to the tune of Piano Man)It’s 3am on a Tuesday The little man shuffles inThere’s my wife in bed laying next to meReaching for her […]