Getting back in step

So the kids just finished their second week back to school…

1 in college, sophomore year.

2 in high school ( well age wise 3… It is tricky to place Isaac at a grade level)

1 in middle school

And 2 in elementary!

Several struggle without a routine and need the consistentcy, and I cannot maintain that strick of a routine over the summer! Or on breaks.

Two of the kids are in new to them buildings. All in all, I really see so many positives so far this year.

Madi is enrolled through her school to do half day in school and half day in cosmetology school. She seems to be happy with that right now!

Aidan is in 9th grade… But given his height and body mass, people often think he is much older. He is in marching band and he has put in many many hours on personal practice outside of the required rehearsals. He is doing great! He was very disappointed that he was unable to march last night due to a few bloody noses too close to heading out on the field. He has one more football game to play at and then weekend competitions begin! Pray for him as he balances school, band and stuff at home plus as we figure out the best way to help him with allergies and all that goes with that.

Brendan also moved to a new building this year. His first time having a combination locker. And the weird set up of classrooms… He has adjusted well so far. I told him he would have that locker combination down and the path to the correct classes before the end of the first week of school. I think he would grin at his accomplishments. He also plays in the school band. Both Aidan and Brendan play tuba! Brendan seems to be adjusting as expected, many times change is super difficult for him. But I feel like he was receptive to some suggestions we made to help things for smoother.

William is in 4 th grade! We were thrilled to see God work in all the details.. he has the same resource room teacher, the same para pro!! And there was one teacher we were not comfortable working with again. And had been praying for months about that. And he did not get that teacher. But, upon looking up his teacher on the school website I mentioned her first name Mark said, I went to school with a girl with that name …turns out, it actually is her! So we look forward to many new adjustments as he continues to grow …

Jon is in 3rd grade he is very excited because at their school they do a water safety class at a local indoor pool. He also, loves to giggle and kind of goof around. This kid routinely has a very kind heart!!

I skipped Isaac. It is hard to label him with a specific grade level. His ability and skill level were technically about 3rd grade or below, age wise he would be in 10th grade. He has begun this year in an amazing way… First day of school, he walked off the bus by himself and got himself in to school and in to his classroom!!! At Wesley they have lots of staff getting students in and out of the building. Isaac used to need at least one staff member to not only walk in with him but hold his hand or loop a hand through his bus harness, because at that point Isaac was prone to bolting and running off. So far this year, that has not been an issue. He is adjusting to new AFO’S, new glasses and a new school year. I shared recently on Facebook about Isaac’s new glasses. One thing I have found that I am since becoming not just a mother but Isaac’s mom. I have this boldness to educate others about Isaac. About autism. About how God made Isaac unique! But in all honesty, God made each of us and we are all individual and unique!! But some kids with autism are just so amazingly wired, that I can’t help but step back and be completely awestruck!! Isaac has his quirks, we have been honest about a lot of them! Helping him grow and learn to respect boundaries has been a lengthy work in progress. For example: Sunday at church Isaac was a little louder than he has been the past few weeks, so I wrote Shhhh on a piece of paper and pointed to it… Isaac responds with a slightly louder than was ok and says oh sorry Mom… Lol!!! I of course struggle to not laugh out loud at him!!!

But my point about Isaac was, he has come a long way! And the first 2 weeks of school have never been better. Today was a little rocky at times but when Isaac senses stress, in me for example, he responds to it in a different way. He may become louder than normal, he may sob, he may have a variety of responses. But the point is…. Isaac is way more aware than I used to think he was. And today, something as simple as “mom, I need your help” instead of hitting, kicking or screaming at me, brought me to tears.

Anyway, I too have a special thing I do one day a week when the kids are in school! I go to a Bible study. Mark does all he can to enable that! Meaning, if a kid is sick, he insists that I go and he can take care of them. Someday, I hope the kids realize all that dad and mom has done for them, because we love them.

If you stayed reading this long…. Good job!!!

And as always, prayers are welcome.


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