Isaac’s camp week!

Isaac has been home from camp for 1 week now, and we are already looking ahead to next year! Next year he will be in a different program.

I enjoy the pictures from over the years. Isaac knew when camp was and was counting down to his week at camp!!

Isaac has a one on one worker. His own personal counselor. I was impressed by the way one of heads of special needs recognized Isaac from his previous times at camp. I am so thankful that even though a few years ago, Isaac broke several windows at camp, and had a bit of a rough week. That was a rough summer all around …

This year I received pictures of Isaac having fun and being alongside his typical cabin mates!!!

Isaac’s cabin 2018

It was exciting to see that Isaac had cabinmates similar size. I recall the year he was super aggressive, he has some much smaller guys in his cabin and I was concerned for their safety! But of course, staff at Springhill ensured everyone’s safety!

This year I sent this one shirt that was super neony and BRIGHT!!!

Isaac and his neon shirt!!!

One of the many things Isaac likes about camp … Crud wars!!!

Joe ( Isaac’s one on one) and Isaac.

Isaac and Janzen ( one of the special needs leaders)

We had many people help me sending not only Isaac but Brendan as well to camp!!

Brendan in the back with orange shorts.

Madi also went to camp but I didn’t get any pictures of her 😦

Our oldest, Lucas has been serving at Lake Ann Camp in Traverse City. I was sent sent these treasures …..

Lucas is on the left:) his campers buried him!! 🙂

No clue what is going on here but it looks like fun!

We want to thank many who helped with travel expenses, or needs for camp, or the actual camp fees. We are extremely grateful.

Next year the program is a bit different and it will include Isaac helping with service projects around camp, it could be cleaning bathrooms, or whatever they ask of him! We are praying for wisdom as we work with Isaac day to day to prepare him for life and for next year at Springhill camps!!!!


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