Hello there!!!

Wait, did you think I said UFO? Nope, not about UFO’s!

This is an update on Isaac and his Ankle Foot Orthotics!!

Isaac and I took a trip to Grand Rapids today, ( one of my 3 trips to GR this month) to pick up his AFO’s.

On the ride there, I quickly discovered that the cord to connect my old iPhone to the stereo didn’t work, Isaac was pretty bummed that he couldn’t listen to his music on the way to GR. However, we did manage to get it going later in the trip and Isaac sighed with relief and said thank you Mom!

So we drove in to GR, it takes about an hour, depending on traffic, to get to the place where we needed to go. He really did well. Once there, it was pretty busy and there were limited chairs, an older lady pointed to the two remaining chairs near her and said these are open… Isaac said oh thank you! And plopped down!! Then they were behind as some of those kinds of appointments take longer than they can predict!!! Plus their computer system was messed up, nothing they could control so we practiced patience! So we waited at least 30+ minutes in the waiting room! Isaac did great, other than he kept yawning and then others caught on and we all laughed about it! To keep him occupied I handed him a book from the kid play shelf beside me. He read The Foot Boot and The Alphabet Book. Sort of aloud. He tends to mumble or start out in a clearer tone then drops his voice. But he was visibly reading and following along with his finger. The older lady beside me called him a “nice young man”!! Warmed my heart!!!

But considering he normally does not do waiting well,…. He did fabulous!!!!

We got into the room and the specialist marked a few areas that needed adjustments and he went to work on that and that took at least 20+ minutes. When he returned Isaac and I were almost asleep in the room! The AC turned itself off, so remember those yawns earlier?!? We were both fighting yawning and nodding off!!!!

Anyway, once we got the orthotics on Isaac we had him stand, it did affect his balance, like we expected, but he was ready to try them out! The biggest issue is the shoes!! The ones he has are from Christmas but they are worn down on the arch side of the soles… as that is how his feet curve…

Look at this picture, look at his foot… Can you see the way he almost walks on the arch side of his foot??

I know it is a little tricky to see because it is dark down there….

Anyway, the specialist encouraged us to try a new pair of shoes as that would help the AFO’s be most effective. I got all excited thinking it I have a new pair at home I can use for him… Oops, they are size 13… He needs a size 14!! And AFO’s take up a lot of room!! Check out the following pictures out:)

So, some have asked why we do a fundraiser…. One reason is to help Isaac go to camp. So far his way is paid and we are trusting on gas money as that takes 2 trips to drop him off and pick him up! From Muskegon to Evart MI ( Springhill camps)

And now he needs a new pair of size 14 shoes! He will gradually build up endurance to wearing them, to make sure he has no sensitive areas, no where where the skin is rubbing raw. So far today slightly pink but nothing bad , of course it is 80+ out and humid as all get out and most people have pink or red feet for a bit once they remove tennis shoes in weather 🙂

I try to be always aware of that as he does not tell me they hurt, or if his feet are tired… And if I remember correctly, he tended to tire more easily for a bit while he adjusted. Today, stairs were slightly tricky and his gait was a bit abnormal for him. So we will keep an eye on that and see our chiropractor and in a week we will do a short video and send it to the specialist! It will save a trip to GR for a consult, if he feels it is ok, we stay home. If not then we can schedule an appointment!

As you think of us. Pray for Isaac. I was just so impressed with him today. He smiled and said a clear hello to the specialist!! They have been working on greetings at school and in therapy! And when it was time to go Isaac told him thank you!!! Then he told the ladies at the front desk good bye in his sweet voice!! We made a few stops on the way home but I know I am exhausted and I really have not done too much other than sit today! To drive, to sit in the waiting room, or when I stopped to say Hi to my Brother:)

There are so many of you who do pray faithfully for my family! I cannot thank you enough for taking my family before Jesus!!!

As you continue to pray, some of you may be able to help financially. This summer we had hoped to purchase a family zoo pass for the John Ball Park Zoo in Grand Rapids, we considered a family pass because it will pretty much pay for itself in one trip! And we try to go to a few zoos if we have the pass. There are 2-3 others around that we have gone to in the past, we have driven to the Binder Park zoo in Battle Creek or to the 2 zoos around the Lansing area. We are also looking into the many free options around Muskegon this summer!!

Recently someone asked me about something Isaac likes to do but maybe we can’t afford… I laughed and said, well, he loves to go to Goodwill, Dollar Tree, Five Below. Wesco for slushies, and Family Video for movies 🙂 around his birthday we ration out his birthday cash and allow him to buy some things he thinks are fun! But then after that is gone, we tend to have problems helping him understand that his money is gone! He thinks his wallet just automatically refills!!! He isn’t trying to rip us off or anything, he just truly doesn’t understand that we don’t have extra to just toss at him every day when he goes out into the community!!! And some workers help him work on that and explain, we are just looking! Others can be push overs and let him get a slushie and they pay for it…

Anyway, this is about all I know from today’s adventures:)

So thankful for safety while driving! Isaac has in the past banged on windows or the dash and that is very distracting. At one point, I needed to watch traffic to pull out from a parking lot onto a busy road and he was doing his hand stimming and it was blocking my view, I calmly said, hey bud, I can’t see through you and I need to be able to see so I can pull out, are you able to keep your hands out of my way for a minute? He sat on his right hand!!! Some of you who work with him will get how huge that was!! Once I pulled out I said oh Isaac you did great thank you! He giggled and made his happy noises! Just two years ago it took at least 3 of us to hold him down while he had violent meltdowns and was self injurious and also damaged a great deal of property. Moments like this today when he sat on his hand in an attempt to stop stimming….. , it blew me away!

This heat is tough and we are thankful for the 2 window AC’s that we do have! And yes we could use more but boy, are we thankful for what we have 🙂 and for fresh, clean cool water to drink! Perspective!!

Thanks for taking your time to read and to pray! If you do feel led to give… Our PayPal email is

Thanks and Have a great evening:)


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