Isaac’s IEP and other ramblings

Recently I attended an IEP for Isaac. Over the past 9 years we have gone through many IEP’s and every 3 year evaluations… I am in awe of the once little boy who entered Wesley 9 years ago. He has not only grown physically but in many many other ways!!! He tried gen ed a few years back. And we tried a different autism classroom. But what we have learned is that Isaac is where he needs to be at Wesley School. He could not handle the gen ed buildings as they are not able to accommodate his sensory needs and his behaviors. So far this year Isaac has blown us away at how he has improved!!!!! While I can look at the many many ways ABA therapy and the team at Wesley and the right meds have helped…. This IEP also landed with an every 3 year eval. I was slapped with the reality that in many ways Isaac has improved however, Academically he has leveled out. These tests showed us some really cool information. He was able to do more testing than ever before. Also, it showed what I already knew. A delay in processing. For example….. You cannot hurry him. He thinks slower. He has an amazing mind and memory. But he processes all information at least a step behind. He has a higher than I expected reading level, but his comprehension of  that information is more delayed than what I thought.  He communicates much better than just a year ago. But realizing what that looks like is anything but a typical 9th grader. While he can be intimidating at 6’2″ and over 250#… He can also be an endearing teddy bear!!!! 

To compare…. Most 9th graders would not likely give their mom a kiss on her cheek before going out with a worker. Or giving mom and dad a squeeze. The belly laughs and unquenchable giggles of a much   younger person:) I enjoy watching Veggie Tales or Disney movies with Isaac. He enjoys a wide variety of music and movies. He loves disney and pixar movies way more than a typical 9th grader. And respecting that about him is something I am so thankful for Wesley School for!!! They accept him where he is as he is but they daily push him to be his best self!! As we look to the years ahead, we focus on what Isaac can do, and work to help him learn the life skills he needs. In the next few months we will be working to get Isaac a state ID, we will also be working with him on what to do if the adult he is with becomes sick while they are out. We are working with him on learning more skills in the home, and in the community. 

Needless to say this winter has been busy!!! 

Mark and I have had a rough January, we ended up with pneumonia. Aidan had bronchitis in December. Others have had viruses and colds but we are coming out the other side of that. The winter weather made some days tricky!! Madi is still in her boot from her surgery in November. She is now bearing weight and making forward progress!!! However, it does leave her foot a tad cold and exposed walking through this fluffy white stuff! 

We are hoping we feel better and gain energy soon to tackle some minor home repairs and some general upkeep. Those things are easier when the kids are at school. 
As we look back over the Christmas season, I am so thankful for the many people who made many needs not be needs any longer!

Any questions about my crazy life, lmk 🙂



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