Family update

It has been a while since I have taken the time to really write and update on our family. Bear with me it is likely to be lengthy.

Lucas has been at Cornerstone University this fall studying audio production and continuing to pursue his musical interests! He has found a church that he enjoys and has made new friends. He has finals next week. I am going to GR on Monday as Isaac has a doctor appt. and I will be dropping off a care package. If anyone wants to send any cards or note or gift cards or treats, let me know 🙂 

Madeline has been struggling the past few weeks. On November 21 she had major foot surgery. She has severely flat feet and other foot issues. The doctor broke her heel and moved it, then screwed it where he wanted it. They did a tendon extension at the back of her leg. And the other part is kinda gross…. They used 3 screws to fuse some bones at the tope of her foot. I do have pictures if anyone is that curious but I figure many would be grossed out. We are very thankful for the care she received. Her doctor is a believer and I felt a great sense of peace going in to the whole process. She has been and will be no weight bearing until mid January. So this new developement of winter weather has been tough. She has a wheely scooter that a dear friend of line graciously offered to pay for us to rent it. I am so thankful for that help. She tires easily and still faces pain. She is falling behind in some areas at school due to having to leave school early because of pain. She has received a few cards and small gifts to encourage her. If you feel led, I know that it would encourage her.

Isaac has had one of his best years of school so far. He has had some behavior issues and struggles like he always will, but overall, this year is going well. With the time change we noticed some sleep and behavior challenges returned. Praying we can figure this out and help him contineto make forward progress. I cannot say it enough…. Wesley school is amazing and I am very pleased with the love and support he receives there. He also receives 15 hours a week of in home therapy. While we greatly appreciate that support he is in need of respite services, we need to find A way to get those services and support for the others so we can maybe take a day break or even get away overnight… It has been over 5 years since we got away without kids. It is needed.
Aidan has not stopped growing!!! He is currently the tallest at 6’3″!  He has enjoyed building on his tuba skills, he went to district solo and ensemble for band. He received a 2 for a duet and a 1 for the quintet he was in!!! I am happy to see him so excited about his progress. He is currently dealing with a bout of  bronchitis. Poor guy!!
Brendan has been doing well with school and loves band and choir class. He loves to give bedtime hugs and tries his best to make people smile 🙂 he is enjoyin being part of middle school Bible study and youth group at our church. He graduated from his autism program but still faces symptoms relate to autism that some days are exhausting for him as he works hard to do his best.
William has made so much progress in school this year. Math is his best subject. He struggles with speech and language. He receives in home therapy to help him and has various school supports as well. I am blown away at his progress! Still behind in some areas but I am just so pleased with the forward progress!!

Jonathan regularly reminds me that he will be 8 soon and he will still be my baby- even when he is old!! He is in speech at school and works hard to do his best. In some areas he has surpassed William, the only problem we have with that is that Will is aware enough of that that we need to be careful how we discuss things.

Mark is continuing to battle the symptoms of depression and PTSD. He also has been treating his sleep apnea for over a month now and we see that helping. He recently got through an MRI to check out his liver, all tests there indicate side effects from his Meds and we both are struggling to lose weight related to stress and meds.

I have been juggling taking Madi to school as opposed to her riding the bus. On top of my crazy morning rouine.  And some days are booked back to back all day. Other days, I push to get the kids to school then I return to bed in an attempt to make up for years of lost sleep;)
As we reflect on where we are and have been…. I find it humerous when doctors tell me to reduce my stress level and take care of myself…. I am well aware of how vital it is, but I also know the true struggle it is to find help so that I can take care of me. If you feel led to help in this area, please let me know and I can share some things that I personally am in need of.
Sorry to be long winded…. As always, feel free to ask for clarification if so desired. 🙂
Thank you for your prayers and love for my family:) 

Blessings, Kathleen

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