April 6, 2017

Wow. That is such an amazing title to my post… Days like this my creativity flops! So tired…. I feel like a new parent expresses they are tired…. I have been at this for 17 years…. But the severe sleep deprivation really hit when Isaac was born. 

Last night Isaac was up late and once he did fall asleep– then I couldn’t shut it off to get some rest myself….

Then he was up about 6:30… Nothing ever prepares you to wake up like hearing your child pounding on an already broken window…. Sigh. I spent the next 2 1/2 hours sitting barely on the edge of the loveseat, to keep him safe. So tired that I fell off the loveseat because I fell asleep… Then I sat for I don’t know how long on the floor twisting to keep him safe. My chiropractor is going to comment to ke about how off my hips are… Yes, yes I know! 

Anyway, got up and got him breakfat, he did settle and did do well with therapy today. He has a good bond with this therapist! 

Mark allowed me to go take a nap. He stayed downstairs until therapists left. I had dinner in the crock pot. So thankful for a meal I could pull Out of the freezer on a day like this. So so helpful!!!

A friend shared about how autism can divide the family. Her meaning was how her husband takes their one child to do things and she takes the other, many times one has to stay home with the special needs chipd because the outing would have been too much for them. Another friend shared a similar story and they have more than 2 kids. We obviously have 7 kids. That in and of itself is unique (so I am told).

But doing anything out of the normal with this group is always stressful.  Tonight while Madi was at a friends I decided that after supper we should go for a drive to the lake, to see the waves. 

Just convicing everyone to get shoes on and get to the van was crazy!! I bribed by promising to stop at Wesco and fill the popcorn buckets and grab slushies….

Even with that, Isaac was overly loud and dramatic in the van, shrieking and his LOUD echoing/ scripting made me cut the time AT the lake short 😦

Mark took some pictures at the lake tonight, living close to Lake Michigan is an amazing thing. I am always in awe of the beauty of the lake, all year around!! It just wasn’t as peaceful as I had hoped this time.

I did take a nap today, I heard my phone ring but didn’t get to answer it because I was so out of it. But I received a call and a lovely message from a MOPS mentor. This precious lady stayed with my kids he day we took Isaac in and received his autism diagnosis. She prayed with us and offered such helpful encouragement!!! It encouraged me so much that she took the time to call and leave me a message! More than that…. I know she prays for me and my family. I am so thankful for her sweet kind heart:)

My point- sleep deprivation is bad.

My family is loud. I have a great husband:)

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