The best week ever!

We were blessed to be able to send Isaac to Springhill Camps in Evart MI for a week of overnight camp.

This is Isaac’s 4th summer at camp and I am continually impressed with the quality of the care Isaac receives!
Isaac has had a rough past several months. Med changes, he’s growing up… Adjusting meds to the correct dose for him.  He had begun ABA therapy in home and that has pushed him a lot. The two weeks prior to camp Isaac had school. He has a rough time. Behaviors, I think bussing is a huge factor… It has been a rough stretch. Isaac was suspended from respite due to a severe meltdown back in April. So it has been us. Night after night. No breaks. He has had an increase in sleep disturbances and I hadn’t had more than 2 nights of at least 6 hours of sleep in weeks…. Months….

And this week- I got sleep! Some nights I couldn’t fall asleep. I eas so.used to being up with Isaac that my body wouldn’t let me!

But I still got 5 nights of fairly decent sleep! 
I want to thank those at Springhill for allowing me that! It may not be a big deal to you– but it was huge! 
There were behaviors at camp.. Several quite similar to here. I was impressed by the response of the staff at camp. I was notified that there had been a slight issue upon him getting out of the water!! Silly Isaac dropped his shorts!! Very typical behavior from him. Almost daily we do the ” Isaac keep your pants on” yell! And every day we say “Isaac pull your pants up”!!! I think his counselor also got to say those words quite a bit!!
I did receive a phone call on Thursday about some behaviors from Wednesday… My heart sank. I was half expecting to hear please come pick him up.

1) i was notified after they had successfully helped him calm down after a meltdown.

2) when I went to applogize for the damage my son caused… I was told- oh we feel like we should apologize to you because he was in an overly stressful situation and we didn’t help him get out sooner.

3) there was property damage. But I never heard a begrudging word about Isaac. I repeatedly heard- Isaac did you have a good week?? We hope you will come back!!

Each camper at Springhill receives an awesome memory…. They noticed that Isaac was almost always joyful! And smiling and making his happy noises!! In the midst of it all– Isaac you truly are a joy to us! 

I want to thank the donors who helped us send Isaac to Springhill Camps!!! I want to thank the team of people there who made it possible. 
I was able to spend 2 nights this week at my folks. It was such a joy to be able to see them. To be able to help my mom and give my dad any bit of a break was encouraging! 
38 days until all the kids are back in school …. Thankful that God gives strength in the moment.

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