November 17, 2015

Kathleen had to run off to another kid appointment, sooooo you’re stuck with just me for your sweaty selfie today! 🙈🙈🙈 — I’m going to share with you something Kathleen wrote a couple weeks ago. I hope it motivates you to really take care of you and your health….. ———————————-
It’s been a busy day… But i can still sneak in time here and there to work my business, and work on building a healthier, fitter, better me! —————————- So, if you feel like there’s just no time to work on fitness and wellness… If you feel like you can’t be a better you… If you feel like time is slipping away… We want to help show you how you CAN be the best version of yourself! —————————— Trust me, with 7 kids, 2 kids with autism, ADHD, ODD, anxiety…. With Mark’s PTSD…. With my fibromyalgia… We had every excuse in the book! But you know what? We made our health, our fitness, our lives become a priority, not just something we’d do if we had time! —————————— Let us help you. Let us walk with you on this journey to a healthy lifestyle. Add us on Facebook: MarkAnd Kathleen Visscher , or message us here. Let’s do this together! 

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