Invisible Wounds (Revisited)

I was checking out the “stats” for our blog, which 1. I don’t completely understand and 2. Didn’t pay too much attention to until the last few months. I came across this little gem I wrote in November of 2014. It didn’t receive a whole lot of views, so I thought, now that there are quite a few more of you beautiful strangers out there reading our stuff, I’d revisit it. Hope you enjoy…

Invisible Wounds

I shake and I stutter
I hide in the back
Hyper aware
Awaiting attack 

No eye contact made
No crowds or noise
New me avoids
What old me enjoys

Never saw the front line
Never served my nation
But I fought a war
I defended my station

Attacked each day
Attacked each night
In the wrong place
Cause my skin is white

After closing shop
After walking by
Shots rang out
As the bullets fly

Try to move on
Try to forget
Trials not over
My war’s not done yet

Been a long day
Been a long night
Standing alone
Facing the fight

One last battle
One last dread
Feel the cold steel
As it rests on my head

Demanding money
Demanding it quick
I close my eyes
As I hear the CLICK

No broken bones
No wounds you see
But I hurt every day
Just trying to be me

-mark visscher

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