6th Annual R4IAF Run/Walk/Ride

Some have asked what this fundraiser I keep whining about is. Well, each year we hold a fundraiser in May where a course is set up and we ask participants to find sponsors to pledge to donate money for their participation. I guess another name would be walk-a-thon. Only with this one, you can run, walk, ride a bike, push a stroller or wheelchair, we’ve had rollerbladers… 

Here are a few pictures from our facebook page in case you haven’t see it yet…


Here’s my mind working overtime and my “wishful thinking”…


And this last one explains my Extra Mile Challenge 


So, that’s the fundraiser and everything I’ve been whining about… I’m a dreamer. I have HUGE plans and ideas for how to help more and more people caring for kids with special needs. But, unfortunately, it takes money. I’ve contacted probably close to 250 companies about sponsoring us, but I either hear nothing, or they give to big organizations…. (With millionaire CEO’s…. But that’s a gripe for another day! lol) 

So, now you know! This nonprofit we started is basically our hearts. Special needs kids are our life. We live it 24/7/365 There are no days off, no vacations. So, that’s why it’s so important to me. That’s why I worry about numbers and check 20 times a day to see if anyone else signed up… 

Well, I’ve bored you enough…. Thanks for bearing with me on this friends! 


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