In My Heart

* wrote this back in 2010… No, it’s not autobiographical or about anyone in particular… Enjoy. 😊 

In My Heart

I can’t cry hard enough
To wash away the pain
The tears flow like waterfalls
They can’t fill my heart again
I’m holding onto memories
I’ve kept here of you and me
Miss you more than anything
And dream of all that we could be

I don’t know why you walked away
Oh how I wish that you had stayed

In my heart
There’s now an empty space 
In my heart
I can still see your face
In my heart
Need to hear back from you
In my heart all I now is you

The last time I saw your face
In a picture on the wall
I closed my eyes to pray
That somehow you would call
They say it’s better to have loved and lost
Then to not have loved at all
But have they felt the hurt inside
Makes me stumble, makes me fall

(repeat chorus)

Yes I know the truth
You walked away
It hit me like a heart attack 
But in my heart
I hold on to hope
That one day you’ll walk right back 
Back into my heart

Now I’m on my knees
And I’m begging you please
Can’t we make a new start
Need you back in my heart


Back in my heart

-mark visscher 2010

2 thoughts on “In My Heart

  1. lovely, I have felt every bit of this recently, so hard. I’m glad you are writing not from your personal experience, and hope you never have or ever will feel this… so sad. I don’t think I will ever really recover… much love and peace to you. Michelle

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