It’s A God Thing

I am ….. Amazed is not a strong enough word. Our stats for this blog absolutely blew up!!!! We normally have a handful of views and as of right now, it’s at 227. I know, not much for some of you bloggers, but it’s HUGER for us! I can’t really even explain why…. All I can say is it’s a God thing! 

We posted a need this morning on here and people we don’t know, never met are sending us messages wanting to know how they can help! That’s NEVER happened before. Usually if we are in need we might mention it to friends and family on facebook and we hear little or nothing. Today, again, people from all over the country asking how they can help. 

Would you believe, as I sit here in the dark typing this, a knock on my door. It was a teacher from my sons special needs school asking what we needed. A friend from church brought us dinner. A couple people, without hesitation, asked for account numbers and paid the electric bill! I’m absolutely shattered right now…. Barely able to see the screen through my tears. 

I spent most of the day beating myself up for not being able to provide for my family. It hurts so bad to see them suffer and feel it’s my fault. My wife assured me I never asked for any of this to happen. I didn’t ask to be disabled. I didn’t ask someone to shoot at me as I left one night. I didn’t ask that man to put that gun to my head and threaten to leave my children fatherless….. 

So, here I sit. Alone. In the dark. Crying like a fool…. And I can’t wrap my head around what happened today… And why today? We’ve needed help in the past. Unfortunately, a family of 9 with special needs kids living on disability, we will need help again. But today…. Today….. It’s a God thing.

-mark visscher 

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