Day 10- Most Proud Moment 

Wow, this is another tough one. I’ve got a few things that I’d say I was proud of, but don’t think they quite hit that most proud status… Things like….

1. All-State All-Academic Soccer in HS

2. Coming back from 2 surgeries in HS to play again and be offered a scholarship for college.

3. Lots of different stuff from work…

4. Not having completely freaked out with anxiety when testifying in court against the guy that shoved a gun in my face and robbed my store…

I really, honestly can’t say there is one single moment. There are a series of moments that all connect that I am most proud of. 

It started on June 20, 1998. I married the most awesome woman in the universe! Little did we know that day what a rocky, roller coaster, bumpy ride we had just started. From that came the births of each of our kids. Each one with their own special quirks and personality. It hasn’t been easy by any means. It’s definitely not what we signed up for. But I have to say that being a special needs parent has taught me more than all the degrees in all the schools in the world could. 

So, I guess if I had to say what I’m proudest of it would not be a moment, but a thing…. My family. 

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