Day 8- Old Photos of Me (sorta)

ok, I do not have any pictures of myself as a child. My parents have buckets and buckets of photos that desperately need to be scanned into the computer, but I doubt it will happen any time soon. So, you get oldish pictures of me… 

Ok, this one is obviously not really me, but looks exactly like I did at about 8 years old…

I think the oldest picture I have is from our wedding. It was a hot, sticky day. We got married at the church my wife grew up in in Western Pennsylvania. So this is us June 20, 1998

I had to go back and get most of the rest of these pictures from facebook, and since we didn’t have facebook until 2008, that’s the next one you get… 

This would also be 2008…

Skip ahead to 2011, this is me after running a 15K for our Run For Isaac and Friends fundraiser…

And one more. This was from another fundraiser we did in conjunction with the Grand Rapids Griffins hockey team in 2013…

BONUS PICTURE! Before my in-laws had met me, I sent a picture of this guy (Alexi Lalas) saying it was me!!! 😜


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