Day 5- My Guilty Pleasures

I’ve thought about this one for a while…. Oh, I have things that bring my life pleasure, but it’s the “guilty” part that throws me… That word implies it’s something that I shouldn’t get pleasure from…. So, I’ll do my best.

1. Peanut Butter M&m’s… Stick them in the fridge for a bit… Mm mm

2. Pop. Or soda to some of you. I know it’s not healthy, even the diet stuff, but I love it!

3. I guess getting LIKES and FAVORITES and COMMENTS on things I write and post on social media would be one. It shouldn’t matter what others think, but sometimes I just need the praise of others. (That sounds so narcissistic now that I read it)

4. Maybe watching a Yankees ballgame when I should be doing something else.

Can’t really think of more “guilty” things. I get pleasure from being able to spend time with my wife, watching funny movies with my kids, listening to music. I guess I’m not a very risqué kind of guy. I’m OK with that!



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