Changes, behaviors, diagnoses, adaptation

Some days I think that I am a fairly well rounded mom ( not weight wise I hope!) because I have several with special needs and several without. So where does that leave me? Where do I fit in?

We have needed to revamp the room situation for a while. Over the summer we moved Lucas from his bedroom with Isaac, into a hallway downstairs that we have turned into his bedroom.
So Isaac and Madi had their own rooms. At this stage of her life – Madi will not be sharing a room with her brothers. When they were still in a crib we did that for a time. But they all deserve their privacy!

So: changes!! Last weekend while Isaac was at respite we moved his stuff. Not just in that bedroom- we moved his stuff to a new bedroom!!! We told him we were going to.
And on the way home from the bus on Monday I told him that we really did.
I think he has adapted quite well. He checked everything out- as would be normal- but he checks us LOTS more details!!!

He has done pretty well in his new room. Aidan is now sharing a room with Isaac. They have not shared a room since we lived in Ionia and Brendan was the baby!
And at that time Lucas was with them!

The younger 3 seemed upset about losing Aidan. But I think they are adapting! Madi is enjoying a smaller room – less space to keep cleaned up.

Hopefully over break I will be able to get curtains made and supplies to hang them purchased and get that task done!

One of the big safety issues was that Isaac had been banging on his window while sitting in his bed. I was always concerned that he would break it and get hurt.

With the new room set up- he is not really easily able to do that! The big window is by Aidan’s bed and the other window is the dividing line! We hope to be purchasing wood and supplies to build identical open bookshelves for the boys. And we will attach them to the floor and to each other as kind of a boundary line. I think that has and will help Isaac “see” what is his space and what is Aidan’s!!

The younger three have enjoyed some changes in their room as well! We own 3 bunk beds- so how does that work with what we did??

Isaac still has a bunk bed but no mattress on the top bunk. Madi and Lucas just have single frames. So Mark had to cut a bunk bed – our first that was given to us- in half! Mark did awesome! He made Aidan’s look and feel like a captains bed! William is enjoying the other half of the bed and thrilled to not have a bunk mate!

Brendan moved from the top bunk to the bottom bunk. And then, Jonathan is on the top bunk of Brendan’s bed.
Other than their floor being covered in little tiny- pokey LEGO’S!!!!!

Lots of crazy busyness around here. Lots of decisions to be made.

Somehow to have that room switch up done makes me feel like I did something this week.

Looking forward and hoping and praying for some positives over break.
The break gives us many opportunities to practice our Therapeutic Crisis Intervention stuff as many behaviors will arise! They also give us the opportunity to demonstrate to our children that GOD alone gives us the strength to do what we do as we face each day.

If anyone wants to borrow a kid or two just to break things up- let us know:)

Merry Christmas!

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