Rain On My Face

Rain On My Face

Been one of those days again
I want to give in
I want to stop the stress
So what can be done
When everything is wrong
And my life is left such a mess

And I can hear thunder in the distance
It shakes my own existence

Rain on my face
Hiding the tears
Wash it away
Take all my fears
Do you hear me?
Can you hear me through the pain?
Do you see me?
Can you see my tears in the rain?
My tears in the rain

The dark clouds fill my sky
As my heart is crying out
And the rain falls on my face
Take me away
Take away the tears
Rescue me, take me far from this place

I can see flashes of lightning
Inside of me it is frightening

(Repeat Chorus)

There, see it now
It’s a break in the clouds
Single ray of light
Saying everything’s alright
A voice in the wind
Powerful friend
Whispering softly to me
I have set you free

(Repeat Chorus)

Rain on my face tonight
Tears wash away, alright
It’ll be…

– mark visscher 2014

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