Bus rides and dental appointments

You know what???
This September feels sooooo different compared to last year! Isaac is riding the bus TO school! Not all days without yelling and fits but we get there! And today he walked quickly/ ran to the bus!! He has made so much progress in this area and I am so proud of him!!!

He is still having problem behaviors at school or during community outings. So we still have plenty to work on!! But he is learning more independent skills and that will be so valuable for him in the long run!

He also had a trip( or two) to an oral surgeon. What could have been a horrible experience went much more smoothly than I could ever have anticipated! I love it when that happens! Isaac had to have 9 baby teeth extracted. They were not loosening and coming out and his adult teeth were trying to come in but there was no room! We arrived for the procedure and I knew he was anxious. I tried not to reveal to much about what was going to happen because I didn’t want him being overly anxious. So I tried to remain upbeat, positive and encouraging!
The team that worked with him was very skilled and kind! They have worked with kids like Isaac before! And knowing that was so reassuring!
He enjoyed the sedation and was difficult to awaken:) but we did get him up and home where he fell asleep for about 3 hours! Then there was no stopping him! He was ready to get back to life. Computer and ipod and all his favorites! But at 7 pm when he requested chips I had to laugh! ( and say no!) he was hungry and wanted chips! Don’t blame him! But we did find something to appease his appetite and he settled in well for the night.

Isaac’s siblings are doing well with school as well. They all ride the bus, including Jonathan our 4 year old! He is loving full day preschool and has proven to adapt well and follow directions well.

This month we get to celebrate some birthday’s:) Isaac’s dad will celebrate his birthday on the 27th and Lucas will turn 15 on September 29th!

While this seems like “normal” for many families we are still dealing with meltdowns from various children. Severe behaviors and many CMH appointments! I am thankful for some case workers that are in our home as well as the therapists that are in our home often.
Our son William receives 10 hours of behavior therapy ( ABA) a week. And while most of the time it is fun and goes smoothly! We have those kind of outside services.

We are looking for a willing friend or family member to offer childcare services on occasion. Mark and I need breaks from the evening demands or the stress of the weekend….
If you are willing to tag team or offer gift cards for dates and stuff like that… Please let us know!
Not just for us but for the families we reach out to.

Many blessings,

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