July 16…. Interesting perspective….

Interesting perspective..

As a parent we routinely get “overlooked” when the kiddos are young and others speak to the little ones first… And the adult is an after thought!
I have done this myself!:)

Routinely, people ask ME how Isaac is- assuming he cannot answer or make choices for himself.

Today as I dropped Isaac off at school his room aid greeted him and asked if he was excited about the field trip… I waited for Isaac to responses ( as did Mr. Sam) and then I smiled as I walked away… Thinking – i never said hi to the other adult!! Ha ! But that other adult spoke to Isaac – as he should have!!! It warms my heart for people to see Isaac be spoken to kindly and respectfully! And for Isaac to answer ( in his time).

So often we push our kids and we say hurry up!!! There is no pushing or hurrying Isaac!! And a few of my other kids! It takes me being ahead of the game!
I was just taking a moment of peace on the drive home from dropping Isaac off…. I was thankful that Isaac is at Wesley!! I was thankful that there are people God has places in Isaac’s life to help us take amazing care of him! He has done well with full day summer school. All this is not to say that our time with Isaac is free of struggles. But knowing that he is in good hands give me great peace of mind!!

He is adjusting to the demands of a new classroom and to the fun things of an all boy classroom!! Lots of big boys with lots of movement!!! I am thankful for the special ones God has led to work at Wesley. No school is perfect but I am impressed by the way the staff works with my son!!! Even those who do not work directly with him.

Makes me think about how I treat others- many times prior to Isaac I was not as aware or sensitive to others. God has allowed us to parent Isaac. And it truly seems like each day he teaches us something new!

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